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Location - Sentiment and Footfall by Category

Field Description Type
geometry_id primary key Geometry unique identifier. STRING
geometry WKT format. STRING
date primary key The date of the analysis, based on the aggregated period chosen:
  • DAILY: the single day (ex. 2022-01-13).
  • WEEKLY: the first day of the week, starting from Monday (ex. 2022-01-10).
  • MONTHLY: the first day of the month (ex. 2022-01-01).
  • QUARTERLY: the first day of the quarter (ex. 2022-01-01).
category primary key Category (hotel, bar, pub, restaurant, b&b, museum, shopping mall, etc.).
Please refer to the categories & industries document for the complete list..
reviews Total number of online reviews retrieved during the period of analysis. INTEGER
sentiment Overall sentiment calculated over online content retrieved during the period of analysis.
Valid ranges: 0 (minimum) to 100 (maximum).
footfall The footfall score is a proprietary, absolute and uncapped index that measures the foot traffic and popularity of a POI over time. This indicator takes into account various factors, such as the number of geo-localised reviews and social media content and others when available.
Footfall can be compared among POIs/tiles of the same industry.

*The above fields in bold are considered the primary keys of the csv file.