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Data Pack Documentation

Welcome to the Data Pack Documentation, a developer guide designed to help efficiently use data packs.

Data Packs are available for the following categories:

  • POI: related to a group of Point Of Interests, such as hotels in a city, museums in a country, restaurants and caf├ęs in a region, etc.
  • Location: related to a whole territory, such as cities, regions, countries or specific areas.
  • FSI: related to a set of specific businesses, such as hotels, retail shops, etc.
  • e-Commerce listing: related to a set of online businesses with eCommerce websites or potentially interested in e-commerce activities.

A POI (Point Of Interest) is any specific place, such as: hotels, restaurant, museum, attraction, fuel station, retail shop, ATM machine, park or similar property/establishment.

All the above data packs are composed of one or more CSV files, documented in the following pages.

Data Pack Versions

The data pack versions are indicated in the following table:

Data Pack Type Version
POI v2022-04
Location v2022-04
FSI v2022-04
e-Commerce v2022-03