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FSI Data Pack

The FSI data pack contains a set of data sets relating to Italian businesses, which have been identified by their VAT number (or Tax ID). The minimum detail is the POI. The main metrics defined are the Number of Reviews, Sentiment Score and the Footfall Index. These metrics are also calculated on different dimensions such as Cluster, Country, Customer Type, etc.

In this data pack we find the main CSV of the POI: POI_Main_Listing, that can be related to any other CSV of the data set using the poi_id key field.

This data pack is available into standard and extended versions. In the extended version there are information about fragments, topics or the time of day breakdown.

In the following table there are the CSV files available inside the FSI Sentiment and Footfall and FSI Sentiment and Footfall Extended data packs:

Filename FSI Sentiment and Footfall FSI Sentiment and Footfall Extended
POI_Main_Listing X X
POI_Opening_Hours X X
POI_Facilities X X
POI_Sentiment_and_Footfall X X
POI_Sentiment_by_Cluster X X
POI_Sentiment_by_Country X X
POI_Sentiment_by_Customer_Type X X
POI_Sentiment_by_Language X X
POI_Sentiment_by_Network X
POI_Fragments X
POI_Footfall_Time_of_Day_Breakdown X
POI_Topics X

In the following image is possible see the data model defined with the our data packs:

data model fsi