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e-Commerce Listing

This data pack contains all the eCommerce websites of a country inside a single CSV file structured as follows:

Field Description Type
domain primary key Domain analyzed. STRING
phones Verified phone number(s). STRING
emails Verified email address(es). STRING
socials URLs of the social networks identified and verified. STRING
cms Name of the CMS that built the website (i.e. WordPress). STRING
ecommerce e-Commerce technology (i.e. Shopify). STRING
cart-active Indicates if the cart is active. BOOLEAN
payments Verified payment methods. STRING
vat Identified VAT number (TaxID). STRING
vertical Industry/category of business (i.e. retail). STRING
url Link to access the website, verified with the browser. STRING
sector Indicates the macro-category of the industry (i.e. clothing, apparel). STRING
business-name Official business name, if identified within the domain. STRING
couriers Couriers identified on the domain, when available (i.e. SDA, GLS, BRT ...). STRING
shipping-platforms Identified shipping platforms, when available (i.e. ShippyPro, E-Motion, GSped, SendCloud, Sendabox, Qapla, Paclink pro, Spedire pro, Fedex ship manager, Circle, Yakkyofy, ShipStation, SpedizioneFacile, Easyship, ShipHero, Veeqo, ClickPos, Packlink, SendCloud, Spedire, STRING
base-shipping-price-value Indicates the basic shipping cost, when available (i.e. 5.90). DECIMAL
base-shipping-price-currency Indicates the currency of the basic shipping cost, when available (i.e. EUR). STRING
redirect-to-marketplace Indicates whether an eCommerce website has been identified containing redirects to an external Marketplace (i.e. Amazon, eBay). STRING
installment-payments Payment installment platform identified, when available (i.e.,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,
*If, however, the presence of a form of payment by installments is identified but the specific platform is not identified, the field will be filled in with "other".
products-type Indicates whether the eCommerce sells goods or services. STRING

*The above field in bold is considered the primary key of the csv file.

The following fields are STRING types with multiple values separated by a semicolon (i.e. BRT;SDA):

  • phones
  • emails
  • socials
  • payments
  • couriers
  • shipping-platforms
  • redirect-to-marketplace
  • installment-payments