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In this page, please find the list of categories for each Industry.


Below please find the list of categories for the Agriculture industry:

Industry Category
Agriculture Agricultural cooperatives
Agriculture Agricultural machinery
Agriculture Farm
Agriculture Greenhouse
Agriculture Livestock
Agriculture Market
Agriculture Mill
Agriculture Orchard
Agriculture Production
Agriculture Professional
Agriculture Supply
Agriculture Winery


Below please find the list of categories for the Attractions industry:

Industry Category
Attractions Amphitheater
Attractions Aquarium
Attractions Archeological area
Attractions Archive
Attractions Arena
Attractions Art gallery
Attractions Art museum
Attractions Attraction
Attractions Basilica
Attractions Bay
Attractions Beach
Attractions Botanical garden
Attractions Bridge
Attractions Buddhist temple
Attractions Canal
Attractions Castle
Attractions Cathedral
Attractions Chapel
Attractions Church
Attractions City park
Attractions Cultural center
Attractions Experiences
Attractions Fountain
Attractions Gurudwara
Attractions Hiking area
Attractions Hindu temple
Attractions Historical site
Attractions Island
Attractions Jain temple
Attractions Lake
Attractions Landmark
Attractions Landscape
Attractions Marinas
Attractions Monastery
Attractions Monument
Attractions Mosque
Attractions Mountain peak
Attractions Museum
Attractions National forest
Attractions National park
Attractions Nature preserve
Attractions Nature reserve
Attractions Observation deck
Attractions Openair museum
Attractions Park
Attractions Parsi temple
Attractions Place of worship
Attractions Promenade
Attractions Public garden
Attractions Refuge
Attractions River
Attractions Sculpture
Attractions Shinto shrine
Attractions Shrine
Attractions Square
Attractions Synagogue
Attractions Taoist temple
Attractions Temple
Attractions Tower
Attractions Waterfall

Banking & Insurance

Below please find the list of categories for the Banking & Insurance industry:

Industry Category
Banking & Insurance Advisor
Banking & Insurance Atm
Banking & Insurance Bank
Banking & Insurance Car insurance agency
Banking & Insurance Cooperative fund
Banking & Insurance Credit counseling service
Banking & Insurance Credit institution
Banking & Insurance Credit union
Banking & Insurance Finance
Banking & Insurance Financial institution
Banking & Insurance Health insurance agency
Banking & Insurance Holding company
Banking & Insurance Insolvency service
Banking & Insurance Insurance
Banking & Insurance Insurance agency
Banking & Insurance Insurance broker
Banking & Insurance Insurance company
Banking & Insurance Investment bank
Banking & Insurance Life insurance agency
Banking & Insurance Loan agency
Banking & Insurance Mortgage
Banking & Insurance Other
Banking & Insurance Savings bank


Below please find the list of categories for the Education industry:

Industry Category
Education Academy
Education Art school
Education Beauty school
Education Coaching center
Education College
Education Convention center
Education Dance school
Education Driving school
Education Education center
Education Educational institution
Education Fashion school
Education Formation center
Education High school
Education Language school
Education Library
Education Music school
Education Nursery
Education Other
Education Preschool
Education Primary school
Education Private school
Education Religious school
Education School
Education Secondary school
Education Specialization school
Education Student dormitory
Education Tutoring service
Education University
Education Youth center


Below please find the list of categories for the Entertainment industry:

Industry Category
Entertainment Amusement center
Entertainment Amusement park
Entertainment Auditorium
Entertainment Casino
Entertainment Children
Entertainment Cinema
Entertainment Club
Entertainment Dancing
Entertainment Escape room
Entertainment Event
Entertainment Fairground
Entertainment Festival
Entertainment Home video
Entertainment Music venue
Entertainment Nightclub
Entertainment Nightlife
Entertainment Other
Entertainment Playground
Entertainment Professionals
Entertainment Radio broadcaster
Entertainment Radio station
Entertainment Recreation center
Entertainment Theatre
Entertainment Theme park
Entertainment Water park
Entertainment Wedding venue
Entertainment Zoo

Food & Beverage

Below please find the list of categories for the Food & Beverage industry:

Industry Category
Food & Beverage Bakery
Food & Beverage Bar
Food & Beverage Bar tobacconist
Food & Beverage Bistro
Food & Beverage Brasserie
Food & Beverage Cafe
Food & Beverage Cafeteria
Food & Beverage Cake shop
Food & Beverage Catering service
Food & Beverage Cocktail bar
Food & Beverage Confectionery
Food & Beverage Creperie
Food & Beverage Deli
Food & Beverage Delivery of meals
Food & Beverage Donut shop
Food & Beverage Fast food
Food & Beverage Gastropub
Food & Beverage Hookah bar
Food & Beverage Ice-cream Shop
Food & Beverage Internet cafe
Food & Beverage Juice shop
Food & Beverage Kebab shop
Food & Beverage Kiosk
Food & Beverage Pastry
Food & Beverage Pizza delivery
Food & Beverage Pizzeria
Food & Beverage Pub
Food & Beverage Restaurant
Food & Beverage Sandwich Shop
Food & Beverage Steak house
Food & Beverage Tavern
Food & Beverage Tea house
Food & Beverage Wine bar
Food & Beverage Wine store
Food & Beverage Winery


Below please find the list of categories for the Freelance industry:

Industry Category
Freelance Accountant
Freelance Architect
Freelance Art
Freelance Attorney
Freelance Audiovisual
Freelance Barrister
Freelance Breeding
Freelance Business management consultant
Freelance Cabinet maker
Freelance Carpentry
Freelance Civil engineering
Freelance Corporate office
Freelance Design agency
Freelance Education
Freelance Electrician
Freelance Electronics
Freelance Energy
Freelance Engineer
Freelance Entertainment
Freelance Environmental
Freelance Events
Freelance Fashion
Freelance Food beverage
Freelance Gardening
Freelance Goldsmith
Freelance Graphic designer
Freelance Handyman
Freelance Hobbies sport
Freelance Home services
Freelance House painter
Freelance In-house specialist
Freelance Interior designer
Freelance Jewelry
Freelance Kitchen remodeler
Freelance Landscape
Freelance Lawyer
Freelance Legal services
Freelance Locksmith
Freelance Marriage
Freelance Mechanical engineer
Freelance Music
Freelance Musician
Freelance Other
Freelance Personal trainer
Freelance Photography
Freelance Plasterer
Freelance Plumber
Freelance Professional
Freelance Security
Freelance Surveyor
Freelance Tailor
Freelance Technology
Freelance Treding
Freelance Web designer
Freelance Welder
Freelance Woodcutter


Below please find the list of categories for the Government industry:

Industry Category
Government Administration
Government Cityhall
Government Civil protection
Government Consulate
Government Council
Government Courthouse
Government Customs agency
Government Department motor vehicles
Government Driver license office
Government Education
Government Embassy
Government Employment
Government Environment
Government Finance police
Government Fire department
Government Government office
Government Healthcare
Government Housing
Government Info point
Government Job agency
Government Marine
Government Military
Government Notary public
Government Penitentiary
Government Police
Government Police department
Government Security department
Government Social security office
Government Social services
Government Tax services
Government Tourism
Government Trade union
Government Trading
Government Transport
Government Vehicle traffic register


Below please find the list of categories for the Healthcare industry:

Industry Category
Healthcare Ambulance service
Healthcare Animal hospital
Healthcare At home nursing care
Healthcare Audiologist
Healthcare Blood bank
Healthcare Cardiology
Healthcare Chiropractor
Healthcare Dental center
Healthcare Dentist
Healthcare Dermatology
Healthcare Diabetes center
Healthcare Diagnostic center
Healthcare Disabled facilities
Healthcare Doctor
Healthcare Emergency room
Healthcare Gastroenterologist
Healthcare General practitioner
Healthcare Gynecologist
Healthcare Holistic medicine practitioner
Healthcare Homeopathy
Healthcare Hospital
Healthcare Internist
Healthcare Laboratory
Healthcare Medical center
Healthcare Medical clinic
Healthcare Medical practitioner
Healthcare Medical specialist
Healthcare Medical supply
Healthcare Neurologist
Healthcare Nursing
Healthcare Nursing home
Healthcare Nutritionist
Healthcare Occupational medicine
Healthcare Occupational therapy
Healthcare Optician
Healthcare Orthopedic surgeon
Healthcare Osteopath
Healthcare Other
Healthcare Otolaryngologist
Healthcare Pediatrics
Healthcare Pharmaceutical company.
Healthcare Pharmacy
Healthcare Physical therapy clinic
Healthcare Physiotherapist
Healthcare Podiatrist
Healthcare Psychiatry
Healthcare Psychology
Healthcare Psychotherapist
Healthcare Rehabilitation center
Healthcare Reproductive medicine center
Healthcare Social services
Healthcare Specialist ambulatory
Healthcare Specialist clinic
Healthcare Surgery
Healthcare Urologist
Healthcare Veterinary
Healthcare Vision care


Below please find the list of categories for the Hospitality industry:

Industry Category
Hospitality Accommodation
Hospitality B & B
Hospitality Boarding house
Hospitality Camping
Hospitality Camping Village
Hospitality Cottage
Hospitality Farm House
Hospitality Hostel
Hospitality Hotel
Hospitality Lodge
Hospitality Motel
Hospitality Ranch
Hospitality Residence
Hospitality Resort
Hospitality Village


Below please find the list of categories for the Industrial industry:

Industry Category
Industrial Accessories
Industrial Audiovisual
Industrial Auto
Industrial Automation and robotics
Industrial Brewery
Industrial Carpentry
Industrial Chemical industry
Industrial Cleaning
Industrial Clothing
Industrial Company
Industrial Computer
Industrial Concrete
Industrial Construction
Industrial Cosmetics
Industrial Drilling
Industrial Electronics
Industrial Energy
Industrial Excavation company
Industrial Fabrics company
Industrial Factory
Industrial Farm
Industrial Flooring
Industrial Food beverage
Industrial Furniture
Industrial Gardening
Industrial Healthcare
Industrial Heating systems
Industrial Machine shop
Industrial Machine tool manufacturers
Industrial Manufacturer
Industrial Marble supplier
Industrial Materials
Industrial Mechanical field
Industrial Metalwork
Industrial Music
Industrial Other
Industrial Packaging company
Industrial Plastic fabrication
Industrial Professions
Industrial Safety equipment
Industrial Saw mill
Industrial Technology
Industrial Telecommunications
Industrial Toys
Industrial Transport
Industrial Water treatment


Below please find the list of categories for the Other industry:

Industry Category
Other Animals
Other Auto
Other Books
Other Buildings
Other Business center
Other Cemetery
Other Charity organization
Other Community center
Other Energy
Other Environment
Other Funeral home
Other Hobbies
Other Materials
Other Motorcycle
Other Music
Other News
Other Organization
Other Other
Other Photography
Other Places
Other Professionals
Other Religion
Other Reservoir
Other School
Other Security
Other Technology
Other Tourism
Other Transportation
Other Weapons
Other Work

Personal care

Below please find the list of categories for the Personal care industry:

Industry Category
Personal care Barber shop
Personal care Beauty center
Personal care Beauty salon
Personal care Depilation
Personal care Esthetication
Personal care Hairdresser
Personal care Hairstyle
Personal care Hearing aid store
Personal care Manicure salon
Personal care Massage
Personal care Massage spa
Personal care Nail salon
Personal care Personal trainer
Personal care Physical fitness wellness
Personal care Piercing
Personal care Sauna
Personal care Slimming
Personal care Spa
Personal care Tanning salon
Personal care Tatoo studio
Personal care Wellness
Personal care Wellness center
Personal care Yoga

Real estate

Below please find the list of categories for the Real estate industry:

Industry Category
Real estate Agency
Real estate Auction house
Real estate Carport and pergola builder
Real estate Construction company
Real estate Consultant
Real estate Custom house developer
Real estate Housing
Real estate Housing development
Real estate Log home builder
Real estate Portable building
Real estate Property management
Real estate Property management company
Real estate Real estate appraisal agency
Real estate Real estate builder
Real estate Rental
Real estate Residential real estate company
Real estate Roof builder


Below please find the list of categories for the Retail industry:

Industry Category
Retail Antique store
Retail Appliance store
Retail Art store
Retail Audiovisual
Retail Auto
Retail Auto body shop
Retail Auto parts store
Retail Beer store
Retail Bike store
Retail Book store
Retail Boutique
Retail Bridal shop
Retail Butcher
Retail Camera store
Retail Candy store
Retail Cannabis store
Retail Car accessories
Retail Car dealer
Retail Car rental
Retail Car repair
Retail Car service
Retail Car washing
Retail Chocolate shop
Retail Cleaning
Retail Clothing
Retail Clothing children
Retail Computer
Retail Construction equipment supplier
Retail Construction materials supplier
Retail Contractor
Retail Convenience store
Retail Cosmetics
Retail Craft store
Retail Decor accessories
Retail Department store
Retail Disability
Retail Discount store
Retail Discount supermarket
Retail Dollar store
Retail Door supplier
Retail Ecommerce service
Retail Electric motor repair shop
Retail Electronics
Retail Energy
Retail Entertainment
Retail Events
Retail Eyewear shop
Retail Fashion
Retail Fence
Retail Fish store
Retail Floring
Retail Florist
Retail Food beverage
Retail Food beverage supply
Retail Furniture
Retail Games
Retail Garage door supplier
Retail Gardening
Retail Gift shop
Retail Glass shop
Retail Grocery store
Retail Gun shop
Retail Handbag store
Retail Hardware store
Retail Health beauty
Retail Heating ventilation-air conditioning
Retail Home goods
Retail Home improvement store
Retail House
Retail Hygenic services
Retail Hypermarket
Retail Industry
Retail Jewerly
Retail Laundry
Retail Legal services
Retail Lighting store
Retail Liquor store
Retail Lottery retailer
Retail Market
Retail Materials
Retail Mattress store
Retail Mechanic
Retail Medical supply store
Retail Money transf exch service
Retail Motorcycle
Retail Music
Retail Newsstand
Retail Office supplies
Retail Other
Retail Outlet
Retail Paper store
Retail Pawn shop
Retail Perfumery
Retail Personal care
Retail Pet shop supply
Retail Phone
Retail Photography
Retail Postal services
Retail Produce market
Retail Professionals
Retail Religion
Retail Rental
Retail Repair
Retail Roofing
Retail School
Retail Security
Retail Shoe store
Retail Shopping
Retail Shopping mall
Retail Software company
Retail Sport
Retail Stationery store
Retail Storage
Retail Supermarket
Retail Technology
Retail Tile flooring
Retail Tire shop
Retail Tobacco shop
Retail Tourism
Retail Toys
Retail Transport
Retail Truck repair
Retail Warehouse
Retail Watch
Retail Wholesaler
Retail Window supplier
Retail Women's clothing


Below please find the list of categories for the Services industry:

Industry Category
Services Advertising
Services Animal shelter
Services Animals
Services Art
Services Boat tour agency
Services Building
Services Cleaning
Services Courier service
Services Coworking
Services Delivery
Services Dog park
Services Employment
Services Equiptment_rental
Services Hygenic
Services Internet
Services Limousine service
Services Logistics
Services Marketing
Services Materials
Services Music
Services Other
Services Pest control
Services Post office
Services Postal
Services Postal lockers
Services Pressure washing service
Services Printers
Services Public relations firm
Services Recording studio
Services Septic system
Services Shipping company
Services Social services
Services Tax
Services Telecommunications
Services Temp agency
Services Tour operator
Services Transport
Services Travel
Services Warehouse

Short Term Rentals

Below please find the list of categories for the Short Term Rentals industry:

Industry Category
Short Term Rentals Holiday apartment
Short Term Rentals House Flat
Short Term Rentals Room Rental


Below please find the list of categories for the Sports industry:

Industry Category
Sports Adventure
Sports Arching
Sports Athletics
Sports Baseball
Sports Basket
Sports Bmx
Sports Bowling alley
Sports Boxing
Sports Canoe
Sports Climbing
Sports Country club
Sports Cricket
Sports Cycling
Sports Dancing
Sports Diving
Sports Fishing
Sports Fitness center
Sports Football
Sports Golf
Sports Golf club
Sports Gym
Sports Gymnastics center
Sports Hockey
Sports Horseback riding
Sports Martial arts
Sports Other
Sports Pilates
Sports Pool hall
Sports Race track
Sports Rock climbing gym
Sports Rugby
Sports Sailing
Sports Skating
Sports Ski
Sports Soccer club
Sports Soccer field
Sports Sports centre
Sports Sports club
Sports Sports complex
Sports Stadium
Sports Surf
Sports Swimming
Sports Swimming pool
Sports Tennis
Sports Tennis club
Sports Training centre
Sports Volleyball
Sports Volleyball club


Below please find the list of categories for the Transportation industry:

Industry Category
Transportation Airplane
Transportation Airport
Transportation Bicycle
Transportation Bicycle rack
Transportation Bike rental
Transportation Bike sharing
Transportation Boat
Transportation Boat rental
Transportation Bus
Transportation Bus company
Transportation Bus station
Transportation Bus stop
Transportation Bus ticket agency
Transportation Cable car
Transportation Carriages
Transportation Electric vehicle charging station
Transportation Ferry service
Transportation Free parking lot
Transportation Garage
Transportation Gas station
Transportation Harbor
Transportation Highway area
Transportation Highway toll booth
Transportation Marina
Transportation Other
Transportation Parking lot
Transportation Recreational vehicle park
Transportation Rest stop
Transportation Subway
Transportation Subway station
Transportation Taxi
Transportation Train
Transportation Train station
Transportation Transit area
Transportation Transport
Transportation Van rental


Below please find the list of categories for the Utilities industry:

Industry Category
Utilities Electric utility company
Utilities Energy
Utilities Gas company
Utilities Professional services
Utilities Recycling
Utilities Satellite communication service
Utilities Technology
Utilities Telephone
Utilities Waste management
Utilities Water utility