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Location - Sentiment and Footfall

Field Description Type
geometry_id primary key Geometry unique identifier. STRING
geometry WKT format. STRING
date primary key The date of the analysis, based on the aggregated period chosen:
  • DAILY: the single day (ex. 2022-01-13).
  • WEEKLY: the first day of the week, starting from Monday (ex. 2022-01-10).
  • MONTHLY: the first day of the month (ex. 2022-01-01).
  • QUARTERLY: the first day of the quarter (ex. 2022-01-01).
reviews Total number of online reviews retrieved during the period of analysis. INTEGER
sentiment Overall sentiment calculated over online content retrieved during the period of analysis.
Valid ranges: 0 (minimum) to 100 (maximum).
footfall The footfall score is a proprietary, absolute and uncapped index that measures the foot traffic and popularity of a POI over time. This indicator takes into account various factors, such as the number of geo-localised reviews and social media content and others when available.
Footfall can be compared among POIs/tiles of the same industry.

*The above fields in bold are considered the primary keys of the csv file.